Pace To Race

Article by Chris Foulds – Creator of Pace To Race.

When running we often forget to dress the middle to end of the run and go out dressed for the start of the run.

Before we talk about the recommended amounts to wear with certain conditions first let’s talk about what happens if you wear to much and over heat.

  1. You dehydrate quicker, the warmer you are the more you sweat.
  2. Increased heart rate, the body works harder and harder just to keep you cool meaning your heart rate increases significantly
  3. Risk of cramps & stitches, all that excess sweating reduces salt levels and increases the chances.

So instead of working to keep you going, your body is actually spending most of it’s energy in just trying to keep you cool.

So now much should I be wearing ? Well the trick in the colder months is layering, by layering if you do start to overheat you can peel off as you move to try to always stay at the optimal temperature. Below is a handy diagram to guide you all year round.

Article by Chris Foulds

Chris is the creator of Pace To Race and is a accredited run leader with UK Athletics.