Pace To Race

Interval training can be your best choice for improving fitness, developing running economy, and getting faster.

You do not need to be a competitive athlete to make effective use of intervals in your training. Interval training can improve your running ability whether you run a 10-minute mile or a 20-minute 5K.

Running an interval involves running at a faster pace than your usual aerobic pace. You know you are running aerobically if you are able to talk in complete sentences while you’re running. A pace that requires more huffing and puffing, a step up from your aerobic pace, is run for a predetermined length of time, with a recovery jog interval, and repeated for a set number of repetitions.

These are intervals and they serve to improve the efficiency of the oxygen delivery system to your muscles. The result over time will be measurable improvements in speed, endurance, and efficiency.

The training plans in our app consist of varied types of runs including interval runs to help push you body and pace to your important goals whilst mixing these with safer, slower tempo and long runs to also build endurance.

You can also enter your own interval runs into our app from other training plans, please see this guide.