Pace To Race

Nail those training tempo runs with this mode which comes as part of your Avanti subscription.

You set the pacer for a tempo run doing different length segments at different speeds including warmup and cooldown periods and stay level with the pacer for the perfect tempo training run.

First go to the workouts section and press the plus button.

Next choose Tempo Run

Next your are the tempo configuration screen, at first glance this screen looks complicated but hopefully the next few pictures will explain how to set everything up as it’s just a process of slowly moving through the screen and setting everything to exactly how you like it.

First is warmup and cooldown. You can enable one, both or neither of these. For both of them you can choose whether they are for a set distance or a set time period and if you want the pacer enabled during them. Finally if you choose to have the pacer enabled you can naturally say how fast you want the pacer to run.

Now you create your tempo segment(s), press the add segment button and like the warmup and coolldown you can say how long you want this segment to last as either time or distance and if you want the pacer running with you and at what speed.

Finally press ‘Save Tempo Run’ and you have created your perfect training tempo run.