Pace To Race

Getting a bespoke, progressive & safe training plan for your race goals has been something you only got by hiring an expensive coach. Not any more! , our app can create plans based on your goals and as ever our virtual coach & pacer will guide you each step of the way.

First head over to the training tab route and choose the create option

Over the next few pages you will be asked a series of questions on what you have been running and your next races date and goals.

Now on the final page you can view your plan and choose if you wish to have a taper period or not.

Once you are happy press Save and you are all set.

Now when you select a plan through either the ‘Run with Pacer’ option on the front screen or in the training section you can see your next planed runs and can either choose to start it straight away or view more details.

It really is as simple as that, the plans will be made up with a mixture of run types to help build both endurance and speed whilst scientifically calculated as not to overload you to quickly to reduce the risk of injury. We truly believe we are giving the advantages of a real running coach into your pocket.